How are prices set on Imparfaite?

Partner sellers freely set the price of their coins on the basis of numerous criteria such as material, rarity, brand or condition.

This is the average price of a piece on Imparfaite
(this includes all winter coats and designer pieces)

The work of salespeople


A lot of patience and passion to find beautiful and quality pieces.

3 hours

is the average search time to find 1 nice piece in good condition

- —

60Kg of clothes sorted = 1 nice piece found

- —

30 minutes

is the average time it takes to refurbish a piece . 

This includes washing it (in the washing machine but often by hand to avoid damage), ironing it and correcting some minor defects (e.g. sewing a lining or a button)

Imparfaite vs Fast Fashion


Imparfaite as a real alternative to fast fashion.

The wool blazer

Average price compared

Fast-fashion 82€ (+35%)

Imparfaite €59

Premium brand 180€ (+180%)

The viscose dress

Average price compared

Fast-fashion 65€ (+5%)

Imparfaite €59

Premium brand 165€ (+170%)

The cashmere jumper

Average price compared

Fast-fashion 99€ (+67%)

Imparfaite €59

Premium brand 169€ (+186%)

For a similar product, we are at the same price or even cheaper than fast fashion.

The distribution of the prize


On every transaction, 
80% of the price is paid to the partner seller and the rest is the commission Imparfaite. 

Example: on a piece at €60, Imparfaite gets €12

What the Commission funds Imparfaite


The salaries of the whole team Imparfaite: from those who select the pieces and put them online, those who check them, those who advise you and listen to you, those who prepare your packages...

?️ The development of technological tools to improve your online shopping experience

? the trimming and highlighting of each of the site's pieces

?monthly shootings of our muses' selections to inspire you

?the events we organise such as the Vintage Fair

What our beloved customers think


The pieces are incredible, the customer service is attentive and the packaging is neat.


I love the way the coins are presented when I receive them. The condition of the pieces is exactly as described, the pieces are always prepared and packaged with great care. The other vintage shops I shop at sometimes never do this. Imparfaite really stands out for me.


Second hand clothes in PERFECT STATE!!! and stylish, as usually French do 😉


The final word


We work hard every day to provide you with fair prices and an impeccable experience that makes you want to visit hunt and nowhere else. 

We wanted to be transparent with you because we too, as consumers, are sometimes frustrated by not understanding the price on the label.  

On Imparfaite, you know everything!