Why "Imparfaite ?"

Imparfaite means imperfect, because we all are.

A wonky fringe, a dimple when you laugh,, love handles… Our imperfections are what define us and prompt our uniqueness. They are what make us beautiful and give us our personality. That’s probably the secret ingredient of French style: being beautiful because we are Imparfaites.

Imparfaite, like all of the magnetic women that have been fascinating us for decades.

Strong and sensitive, romantic and free, those women who have shown us the path to femininity and feminism. The women who helped us grow and become who we are today; Catherine Deneuve et Francoise Dorleac, Jane BIrkin, Vanessa Paradis, Francoise Hardy, Anna Karina… and last but not least, our mums.

Imparfaite, like all of the key pieces of our wardrobes.

That one vintage sundress you owned as a kid and the memories that come with it, the leather jacket that wears the impact of time like a badge of honour, that pair of vintage 501 Levi’s jeans that embraces our curves as if it had been custom made. Those pieces are the ones that love us back and give us confidence. Pieces that we wish could live forever on. Pieces that are as precious as personal.

Imparfaite. With a full stop. As it’s not a coincidence, it’s a full blown manifesto.