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A few years ago, we too courageously walked the aisles of vintage boutiques in search of the Levi's 501 vintage jeans of our dreams. Since then, we have launchedImparfaite, and these years of learning in the field allow us today to find for you the most beautiful 501 vintage of France.

We decided that it was cruel not to share with you all the knowledge acquired over the years.

What you are going to read here is the internal bible of the 501 vintage atImparfaite. A knowledge kept secret until then. But today, we're going to tell you everything....

Why should everyone have a vintage 501?

Because he has been dressing the coolest girls of each generation for 128 years: from Cindy Crawford, to Jeanne Damas, to Lady Diana and Rihanna.

Levi's released 501 in 1890 for American workers, this tear-proof and solid fabric from Nîmes (denim) is a textile revolution. In the middle of the century, Levi's democratized the 501 and made it sexier by adding belt loops and the famous "red tab", that little label on the back pocket that catches the eye.

It is from there that he seduces cool kids all over the world, and marks, in our memories, the silhouettes of our heroines.

Wearing the same Levi's as Brigitte Bardot, Cindy Crawford, Françoise Hardy and many others has become a dream accessible to all.

Since then, the new icons have taken over the symbol. Camille Charrière, Jeanne Damas, Anne-Laure Mais or Sabina Socol swear by their vintage 501, whether they wear summer or winter, with sneakers, sneakers or heels... In short, the 501 is to jeans what Burberry is to trench coat, a must-have.

What is the difference between the vintage 501 and the modern 501?

Levi's: There are none

The new Levi's 501s have more stretch in the fabric, the cuts are more slim (which makes them look "slim" out of fashion), and the industrial washings have not come close to a patinated fabric for fifty beautiful years.

It's simple; the new Levi's doesn't have a hundredth of the stamp of the old one.

And so much the better because a beautiful vintage is on average 30% cheaper than a new one.
Combining business with pleasure, we love it.

To which morphologies do the 501 vintage go?


At homeImparfaite, we often hear "I like the vintage 501s, but on the others, because I don't fit"... FALSE.

It is above all a matter of habit.

When you are used to stretch fabrics and very tight calf cuts, the tightly woven fabric of the vintage 501 and its wider cut can indeed have a strange effect.

But the vintage Levi's 501 goes to everyone for 3 reasons:

He makes the stomach flat

These are rigid high waist pants and which remain so, no more feeling of a tummy bouncing back in the evening, the fabric remains perfect.

It refines the legs

Close to the body at thigh level, and a straight cut down to the bottom. You will never have the feeling of a calf stuck to your jeans again, it makes beautiful long legs.

He has a dream butt.

He lifts them up and gives them an ideal shape, without the famous unsightly fold that some jeans make.

Moral of the story: Whatever your morphology, the vintage 501 flatters everyone.

How to match it?

As a basic rule, it's easy to mix it with its entire wardrobe, but to avoid the 80's Beverly Hills side, here's our selection of the most beautiful ways to wear your vintage Levi's 501.

With a T-shirt and a Prince of Wales blazer

With a leopard coat and moccasins

In total jeans and ballerinas look

With a cardigan and converse

In a boyfriend look, with a romantic blouse

With a Trench

With black and heels

What if it is too long?

The length we like is the one that reaches the ankle.
Here are three ways to shorten it:

1. Roll it up

Easy, you roll your jeans on itself, like this


2. Make him a big flat backhand

Quite sharp, works better on the 501 worn oversized


3. Cut it off

Our favorite: don't panic, it's very simple, follow the guide.


How to cut your Levi's 501 vintage

Most of the women we advise to cut their jeans are afraid, but it's actually very simple. We have created a guide to help you, the most important thing is to choose your length carefully and try it to make sure you don't cut too short. Here are the steps:

Can you wash your Levi's 501?

All vintage Levi's have been washed and are not afraid of water. You can wash them in the washing machine, always upside down, at 30° or 40°, but the tumble dryer is not allowed. So dry it outdoors, you do it good, and so does the planet.

At first, it is very tight, but after a few minutes it is adjusted to your body, and relaxes very slightly to get the perfect fit.

If you like them very rough, i. e. dark blues, try to avoid as much as possible switching to the machine that tends to slip it. On the contrary, for your white jeans, never mix them with colours, which would give it a greyish look.

You now know the basics, let's get to the heart of the matter:
How to find a vintage 501 every time?

How to choose the right Levi's 501 vintage?

1. Beware of copies

Being one of the most powerful brands in the world, the 501, like the Chanel bags, are victims of counterfeiting. The result: bad cuts, fragile canvases and 6-legged horses on the labels (for real).
At homeImparfaite, we check them one by one, from every angle, to make sure you get the best.

2. Find your size

Item 1: Vintage Levi's Jeans are small in size.

Always take two sizes above your current size.

Example: I make a small 36, I put 25 in modern Levi's = I make 27 in vintage Levi's.
Here is a table of correspondences that is easy to keep in memory:

FR 🇫🇷32small 3434small 3636small 3838small 4040small 4242small 4444
US 🇺🇸0small 22small 44small 66small 88small 1010small 1212
UK 🇬🇧4 small 66small 88small 1010small 12 12small 1414small 1616
IT 🇮🇹36small 3838small 4040small 4242small 4444small 4646small 4848
JP 🇯🇵3small 55small 66small 99small 1011small 1313small 1515
DK 🇩🇰30small 3232small 3434small 3636small 3838small 4040small 4242
Length Levi's LegsLength in cm
L3076 cm
L3281.5 cm
L3486 cm
L3691.5 cm

Item 2: Levi's jeans at your waist should be tight, or even very tight.

The first time you put it on, you have to lie down on your bed and pull it up on your hips and pull your stomach in. After a few minutes, it is done to your morphology and you can finally breathe.

This mythical canvas has not moved for 50 years and does not intend to move for the next 50 years, but it must be deserved. Once put on, the magic works, Levi's 501 fits your shapes like no other jeans, and it becomes almost impossible to wear anything else.

Point 3: You can adjust the size according to the style you are looking for.

If you want to wear it very close to your body, which makes it look more "sexy", a little bit like Olivia Newton John, we advise you to choose it 1 size down.

If you want a more relaxed look, a little boyfriend in this case take the 2/3 sizes up.

Carried close to the body

Classic carrying capacity

Ported boyfriend

3. The color that makes you capsize

For the color, it's up to you. Sublime in white, barrel in dark raw, essential in light blue. The only ones we don't like are those with zebra stripes or yellows. It's a matter of taste.

How to avoid the "Camel Toe" effect?

(Jane: "Where's a camel toe Serge?") Credit Unknown*

To begin with, we reassure you, a cameltoe can happen to anyone. It even happened to the biggest....

A little technique on the 501: the fork is overall the length at the fly. On a Levi's 501, the longer the leg length, the longer the fork. A Levi's W30L34 will have a longer fork than a W30L30, i.e. it will rise higher at the waist.

If you want to avoid a camel toe effect, we advise you to pay attention to the leg length of your 501 and make sure that the fork of the jeans is not too short for you:

If you are less than 1.68 cm, you are safe, take what you want.
If you are between 1.68 and 1.78cm, prefer the lengths L32 or L34
If you are taller than 1,78cm nothing below L34 otherwise it is camel toe guaranteed

And now let's find your perfect Levi's jeans together

Well done, if you've come this far, it's because you've become a 501 pro.
And now let's find your perfect Levi's jeans together


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